A: Yes, CBD is legal in the UK. Serena Organics products are produced using organically grown hemp which undergoes expert extraction and multiple lab testing. UK law allows importation of CBD oil as long as it contain 0.2% THC or less. For CBD product to be sold to consumers they must contain 1mg of THC or less, which all Serena Organics products adhere to regardless of strength so you know you are safe and getting the best quality CBD extract.

A: Put simply, no it won’t! CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties. Meaning it doesn’t get you high. The psychoactive cannabinoid is THC and it is this compound that gives you the high. None of Serena Organics products contain THC or CBN.

A: Every batch of Serena Organics CBD oil is tested by an independent lab to test for any contaminants, pesticides, solvents or heavy metals and the lab results are made available to the public which can be viewed here – so you can always feel good about buying our CBD oil. There are minimal side effects when the right dosage is taken.

Those reported have included:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness - It’s important to start at a lower dosage, giving your body time to adjust to it before increasing the amount of CBD you take.

A: Like most natural supplements, CBD is not just a “quick fix” to an immediate problem. It works to improve symptoms by triggering your own body to make necessary internal changes and while many people experience instant relief within an hour after taking the oil, for best results we recommend incorporating our CBD oil into your daily routine to maintain optimal wellness.

A: Please check out our CBD section for all the information you will need on Cannabidiol (CBD). Also, all of our product descriptions come with recommended usage amounts. Check them out on our Shop Now section.

A: All hemp used for the manufacture of Serena Organics products are organically grown and is herbicide, pesticide, fungicide & GMO-free, with no harmful contaminants. Each harvest of hemp undergoes tests before purchase and importation into the UK.

A: Yes, all our products are suitable for vegetarians.

A: No. Serena Organics products are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free.

A: There have been a few reports of amplified effects such as sleepiness or sedation if CBD is taken alongside alcohol, we would advise consulting a health professional before use with alcohol as all Serena Organics products are sold as food supplements only.

A: None of our products are suitable for pregnant or lactating mothers.

A: None of our products are suitable for persons under the age of 18.

A: Our products shouldn’t make you feel drowsy or tired yet everyone responds to it in different ways. We would therefore, encourage you to try the product when you are not required to drive or operate machinery until you are sure how your body responds and what dosage you require.

A: People across the globe are seeing huge benefits and improvements in quality of life from taking quality CBD. While some of our products have active ingredients and turpenes that may aid pain relief, we are unable to offer any medical advice around the correlation of CBD and pain relief.

A: It is fine to add CBD oil to a cold drink or a hot drink that has been allowed to cool first. We would not advise putting CBD oil into boiling/very hot water as it may change the composition of cannabinoids and other compounds present.

A: There have been zero reported cases of a CBD overdose. We would always recommend starting with a lower dosage until you find a level that your body is comfortable at.

A: Customers who seem to get a lot out of CBD oil make it part of their morning routine or take it right before going to bed. It’s also good to take it whenever you feel you need it.

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