It is easy to get mired in the vast sea of CBD options, with over 6 million people having used CBD in the UK and a head-spinning number of CBD products available to the general public.

Rather than aimlessley Google searching "premium CBD products UK" or "CBD products UK" why not be part of a brand that you can trust for both quality and price?

This is where we step in. Serena Organics are one of the most premium-quality CBD vendors on the market. The following five reasons help explain why we are the best choice for premium CBD products.

1. Experience in the Industry

First of all, we have extensive experience and understand the fast moving CBD industry. Our initial focus as consultants within the CBD marketplace focused on expert cultivation and extracting the best quality CBD, distributing to brands globally across the US, Canada and Europe.

We realised early on that there was a severe lack of quality and efficient companies selling premium CBD products, especially in the UK, therefore decided to enter the CBD market ourselves and provide what other companies could not: quality premium CBD.

Since its conception, Serena Organics has risen to the top of the industry and proud to say Serena Organics is now one of the household names in the UK CBD industry.

Serena Organics has extensive partnerships with nonprofits worldwide making us a cultural influence in the world of CBD. We believe in sustainable practices and embrace strong principles of ethics from seed to store.

2. Foundation built on a Value System

Serena Organics doesn't merely want to sell you CBD; we want to educate you about it.

We recognise that an educated consumer makes the best customer, for only they can fully appreciate what the best premium CBD products have to offer.

Serena Organics was founded around a value system that reflects in our integral day to day operations. We have developed a high level of standards and practices that have set the bar for premium CBD products within the market.

We value transparency and embrace the ethos of "quality over quantity" when selling our CBD. The customer always comes first when they are dealing with Serena for their CBD needs.

"Serena" comes from the Latin word serēnus, meaning serene or tranquil, two emotional states we embody and install in our consumers by providing CBD from organically grown hemp. Hence the name Serena Organics.

3. Top Premium CBD Products in the UK

When it comes to luxury and quality in the world of CBD products, Serena Organics is setting the bar high. Take, for instance, our CBD Body Butter. This is a one-of-a-kind CBD product that provides a plethora of benefits from organically grown hemp.

Not only does the CBD Body Butter act as a moisturizer and a skincare product, but it also provides the added benefits of CBD infusion. This is one example of the top-tier CBD products that Serena Organics offers.

We offer CBD in many different forms including topicals, from our massage oil to lip balms, Serena Organics offers only the highest level of CBD products available for sale in the UK.

We have a wide variety of tinctures for those that enjoy consuming CBD in this non-invasive form. Our broad spectrum oil is available in varying dosage levels, up to 40% CBD, to fit the needs of any individual wellness program.

Lastly, Serena Organics offer different forms of edibles including gel capsules, even going so far as to supply vegan-friendly products for vegan CBD enthusiasts worldwide. Our inventory is always being updated with new cutting edge luxury products as well.

4. Best Approach to CBD Products in the UK

While many other companies will bombard you with unwanted advertisements and sales pitches about CBD, Serena Organics takes a different approach.

We focus on education and would rather teach you about the different aspects of the CBD world so you can develop a taste for the very best.

For example, our podcast is available for free download and provides the listener with a variety of news and information about cutting edge developments in the world of CBD.

Episodes of the podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube, making it widely available for our consumers listening pleasure.

We also provide regular blog posts that offers news and information about CBD products, easy to read at your own pace from the comfort of your living room. That way, you can stay informed about the latest research developments and new products on the market.

5. Only Offer the Best CBD Products in the UK

While many companies will peddle inferior products at low prices to make a quick buck, Serena Organics only offers top-tier CBD from organically grown hemp. Our reputation as a luxury distributor is too much to sacrifice by selling low-quality CBD.

By specializing in only premium CBD products, Serena Organics has cultivated a reputation for quality. CBD enthusiasts know to turn to them when they are ready to spend top dollar for the absolute best in CBD products.

While mant other companies may be able to offer you cheaper CBD from careless cultivation, noone can match Serena Organics' quality and customer service. Now more than ever, a reputation for quality and reliability is what matters most.

Countless reports have circulated about fake CBD products that contain lower than stated levels of CBD. (Some even containing none at all!)

That is why we undergo multiple lab testing of all our CBD and provide lab analysis for all Serena Oraganics CBD products on our website for full transparency. When you choose Serena Organics, you choose a name that you can trust for all of your CBD products. The last thing that you want is to waste your time and money on inferior or unreliable CBD products.

With so much unaccountability currently in the CBD marketplace, it is paramount that you cultivate a trust-based relationship with your CBD vendor. Look no further for a reliable CBD partner than Serena Organics.

Choose Quality

While there are many choices of premium CBD products in the UK, none can compete with Serena Organics' quality.

Our company offers only the best CBD products in the UK and have a wide variety of premium CBD products to choose from.

When making your next CBD purchase make sure to check out Serena Organics. Please Contact us today for your inquires about any of our products or to simply say hello and find out more about our vision and purpose as a company of integrity.

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