Organic CBD Edibles for Wellness and Relaxation

Serena Organics takes the stress out of CBD. In an emerging marketplace fraught with phoney and inconsistent products, we strive to provide ethically sourced, potent, organic CBD oil, edibles, and more.

Absorb CBD with Ease

Serena Organics CBD edibles are perfect for taking anywhere at any time. Don’t be caught without our premium quality CBD gel capsules and CBD vegan domes for a mood boost on-the-go. Every capsule or jelly contains a consistent dose of the purest CBD oil UK residents can purchase. For those who love to live luxuriously, Serena Organic CBD is the choice for a level of quality and clarity unrivalled in the industry. 

Small but Mighty CBD Gel Capsules and Vegan Domes

Don’t be fooled by their size; our delicious vegan domes and efficient gel capsules bring as much peace of mind as any tincture or oil. Just one to two a day can enhance your holistic wellness, syncing body and mind. Hemp is here to stay in the UK. Ensure you’re buying the best and reaping the full-spectrum of CBD health benefits with Serena Organics.
Kyle ~ Manchester United Kingdom
“Highly recommend to anyone who wants to feel the benefits of cbd whether that’s improved sleep like me or chronic pains. I had a bad back and when I took the product, the pain was removed.”
Broad Spectrum in MCT Oil - 10%
Guy ~ Norwich, United Kingdom
“My anxiety levels went down massively, helped with my concentration at work and allowed me to consistently train in rugby again since a while as I had no more pain in my knees and ankles.”
Broad Spectrum in MCT Oil - 10%
Leena ~ London United Kingdom
“I like the hint of coconut which takes the edge off an acquired taste of most CBD products. Helped me relax and regulate my thoughts in a healthier manner.”
Broad Spectrum in MCT Oil - 10%
sam ~ London United Kingdom
“The taste of this product is subtle and nice! Does not feel invasive when I put it on my tongue. Packaging looks and feel very luxurious too!”
Broad Spectrum in MCT Oil - 10%
tom ~ London United Kingdom
“Helped me more than I expected! Helped keep the swelling down from my injuries and assisted with the soreness of muscles caused by delayed onset muscle soreness.”
Broad Spectrum in MCT Oil - 10%